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My research has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Fast Company, TNW, MIT news, the Economic Times of India,, Atlantico and Deutsche Welle.

List of press mentions in descending chronological order:

1., "Quelle vitesse pour l’innovation technologique future?", Nov. 19, 2021

2., “L’algoritmo che svela la velocità di cambiamento delle tecnologie: come funziona e a cosa serve”,  Nov. 2, 2021

3.       The Economic Times of India, “New AI tool by MIT predicts how fast any technology is improving”, Oct. 29, 2021

4.       Financial Times, “Innovation still requires smart, even barmy, innovators”, Sept. 2021

5.       The Wall Street Journal, “New Research Busts Popular Myths About Innovation”, Sept. 18, 2021

6.       Fast Company, “MIT built a Google search to spot the most important tech innovations of the future”, Aug. 10, 2021

7.       The Next Web (TNW), “MIT researchers use AI to predict the next big things in tech”, Aug. 4, 2021

8.       MIT News, "A comprehensive study of technological change", Aug. 2, 2021

9.       Deutsche Welle, “Hyping the future: Our exponential era”, 2018

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